Firearm Recommendations – Hunting in South Africa

Rifle choice is your own preference

We also cater for the rental of our own Rifles and ammunition to avoid hassles at Airports. We have a wide variety of top-quality rifles to rent with great scopes fitted.

For plains game we recommend calibres from .270 to 300 Win Mag. We also recommend you bring the best available ammunition such as Barnes, Nosler partitions, and Swift A-Frame. These are our first choice for soft points among others and have proven themselves over and over in the bush. Loaded 130-180 gr.

When hunting dangerous game, a minimum requirement is a 375 magnum, with recommended ammunition 300gr soft nose and 300gr solids.

We recommend 60 rounds of ammunition for each calibre for your safari.  Shooting distance will range from 100-250 yards.

You will also get the opportunity to sight in your rifle on a range prior to the Safari. This is always recommended after a weapon has been transported for long distances. Suitable rifle ranges with solid shooting benches are available.

Prior to your departure from home be sure to practice with your chosen firearms so you are at ease with their features and operation. We suggest your plains game rifle to be sighted in two to two and a half inches high at one hundred yards – this will in effect enable you to comfortably take shots out to 250 yards without having to compensate for distance. A scope is also highly recommended for typical Eastern Cape conditions. ( i.e. 3-12-42).

Rifle Rental

We have a wide variety of top-quality rifles to rent with great scopes fitted. The rifle rental fee is $25 per day, per hunter, this includes your ammunition.  

All are fitted with Zeiss, Swarovski, and Schmidt and Bender scopes:

When renting Rifles the PH will advise the best calibre to use for your safari according to the species on your wish list.

Rifles available: 

  • Sako
  • Winchester
  • Remington

Calibres available:

  • .222
  • .223
  • .243
  • .25-06
  • .270
  • .7mm Rem-mag
  • .375 H&H


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