Northern Camp - Kramberg

Southern Camp - Woodvale

Hunters Accommodation at Game 4 Africa Safaris

Eastern Cape South Africa

Game 4 Africa hunts primarily at two locations in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. 

Woodvale Lodge, our Southern Camp, is a 2-hour drive from both East London Airport and Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha Airport.

Our Northern Camp is located in the Kramberg Area in the most northern tip of the Eastern Cape and a 4 hour drive from Woodvale Lodge and the East London Airport.

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Most hunters and their families would like to eat as much Game meat as possible. We try catering for each group according to their preferences on food. We have our own Butchery in the local town, Grahamstown, where we select only the best cuts of meat for our guests.  

Included in your package will be 3 meals a day as well as beverages/liquor.

You can talk to the Chef or your PH if you have any special requests.

Breakfast: A variety of fruit, yogurt, muesli, cereal and rusk will be available as well as a warm breakfast.

Brunch/Lunch: For those hunting in very close proximity to the Lodge will return to have lunch and a mid-day rest before heading out in the afternoon again. You can expect lunch to be salads, cold meats, lasagnes, pies, hamburgers and soup for the chillier days.

For those hunting slightly further away, you can expect a packed lunch including sandwiches, cold meats, fruit and snacks. Your PH will pack a cool-box with soft drinks and bottled water.

Evening: Back to camp after a day of hunting in the bush, you will arrive to find a fire-pit lite, snacks and an ice-cold drink where you can relax, admire the beautiful African sunset and reminisce the adventures of the day. 

Dinner: Local free-range beef, chicken and lamb which is partnered with fresh vegetables, salads and homemade bread can be expected followed by a desert. Game meat/venison that has been hunted is utilized in camp and is a favourite meal enjoyed by all. Different cuts, such as fillet, sirloins, deboned legs, stews and soups are enjoyed.

Meals at Game 4 Africa Safaris


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