Hunting Black Backed Jackal in South Africa

The jackal is mainly nocturnal and found singly or in pairs.

Black Backed Jackal Characteristics

Scientific Name : Canis mesomelas
Weight : up to 13 kg
Shoulder Height : 40 cm 
Breeding Season : June to August
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 223
Hunting Jackal in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: The jackal is a handsome species that occurs throughout southern Africa. The distinctive cry is well known and it communicates with an elaborate vocabulary. Mainly nocturnal, it is found singly or in pairs.

HABITAT: Savannas and woodlands.

BREEDING: Produces 2-9 pups late in dry season,after gestation of 60-65 days. The young are born in abandoned ant bear holes. Sight, sense of smell and hearing are acute. It is preyed upon by leopard, which has a preference for canine meat; large eagles will also take young pups.

DIET: Carrion, rodents, reptiles, gamebirds, insects, eggs, fruit and hares. Hunts young antelope and will prey on small, young livestock. Drinks water regularly.

Large numbers will congregate at a carcass. It is cunning and swift and will wait in the wings for lions to finish eating, often darting in to snatch a morsel. During the day it rests up under low bushes.



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