Hunting Black Impala in South Africa

The black impala with their shiny black coat is more rarely found. .

Black Impala Characteristics

Scientific Name : Aepyceros Melampus
Weight : 50kg
Shoulder Height : 90 cm 
Breeding Season : May and June
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 243
Hunting Black Impala in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: Athletically built, medium sized antelope. The black impala is more rarely found. Their coat is a shiny black colour. Only the males have horns.

HABITAT: Woodland, thorn-thickets and grasslands edges, usually within a few kilometers of water.

BREEDING: 1 calf born after a gestation period of about 6.5 months (180 – 210 days); most Impala’s young are born between November and December.

DIET: Impala are both browsers and grazers. They utilize a wide variety of plants and drink regularly. They remain persistently in overgrazed areas.

CHARACTERISTICS: They have acute hearing and have been known to frighten elephant by uttering loud snorts when alarmed by the approach of humans. They fight a great deal during the mating season, uttering long, drawn out snorts, and are quite capable of killing one another at such times.

Impala are excellent jumpers.



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