Hunting Black Wildebeest in South Africa

The Black Wildebeest is also known as the White-Tailed Gnu.

Black Wildebeest Characteristics

Scientific Name : Connochaetes Gnu
Weight : 113-159 kg
Shoulder Height : 1,14m 
Breeding Season : November and December
Minimum Rifle Calibre : .270
Hunting Black Wilde Beest in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: Wildebeest appear much larger at a distance with a characteristic beard and hair on the nose. They have distinctive long white tail. Both male and females have got horns.

HABITAT: Woodland and grasslands edges, usually within a few kilometers from water.

BREEDING: 1 calf is born after gestation period of about 6-7 months (224-240 days); most births occur in November and December.

DIET: Wildebeest are grazers, they will also feed on succulents and shrubs. Require water daily.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Wildebeest is also known as the White-Tailed Gnu or to some as the “Clown of Africa”, this is mostly due to the way in which they tend to run in circles when being approached.

The Hottentots (Khoi) name, Gnu, is derived from the word referring to the sound this animal makes metallic, ringing, snort.

The black wildebeest maintains territories and, during the rut, will endeavor to herd as many cows into their area as possible.



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