Hunting Bushpig in South Africa

Mainly nocturnal, the Bushpig is a gregarious but tough, no nonsense animal.

Bushpig Characteristics

Scientific Name : Potamochoerus pocus
Weight : 70-80 kg
Shoulder Height : 65-75 cm 
Breeding Season : Year Round - usually between 3-7 piglets
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 243
Hunting Bushpig In South Africamain

IDENTIFICATION: Predominantly brown with a mane of lighter hair. The young have white stripes on their bodies. Bushpig are dangerous animals with extremely sharp tusks and should be given a wide berth. Their tail is held down when running. Big Boars will display big bump-like warts on the nose, increasing in size with age. Older Boars also tend to turn lighter in colour, a good sigh of maturity but not a rule.

HABITAT:  Prefer living in coastal, mountainous and riverine forests, thickets, reed patches and tall grass near water.

BREEDING: Usually have between 3-7 piglets with a gestations period of 120 days.

DIET: Roots, bulbs, seeds. fruit, grasses, reptiles, insects and bird’s eggs; enjoy raiding crops. Will chew on old bones. Likes to dig in the soil just like warthogs and wallow in mud to cool down.

CHARACTERISTICS: Mainly nocturnal, the Bushpig is a gregarious but tough, no nonsense animal. It lives in large groups of up to 10 or more individuals.

Hunting bushpig can be done by hounds, baiting or by a chance glimpse of these shy animals.



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