Hunting Cape Buffalo in South Africa

The Cape Buffalo is a member of the big five, a term originally used to…

Cape Buffalo Characteristics

Scientific Name : Syncerus caffer
Weight : 600 kg
Shoulder Height : 1,5m 
Breeding Season : They breed throughout the year with peaks in August and September.
Minimum Rifle Calibre : .375
Cape Buffalo Hunting Trophies

Buffalo are large bulky animals. Grayish-black, similar colour of the soil at times when it wallows in the mud.

Both sexes have horns. The males have got bigger bosses (heavy part of the horn which rests on the animal’s head) and their horns are used to smash bushes.

Cape Buffalo are gregarious, shy creatures with fair sight, poor to good hearing and a good sense of smell. When hunted and wounded they are particularly dangerous. If you approach them on foot, they will stare in your direction before finally running off uttering grunts.

It is wise to avoid dense cover and reeds where old bulls may be lying up. They charge head-on and are difficult to stop at short range.



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