Hunting Common Reedbuck in South Africa

Common Reedbuck is a medium-sized antelope, slightly larger than the Mountain Reedbuck.

Common Reedbuck Characteristics

Scientific Name : Redunca Arindinum
Weight : 80 kg
Shoulder Height : 90cm 
Breeding Season : Year Round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 243
Hunting Reedbuck in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: Common Reedbuck are medium-sized antelope, slightly larger than their relative the Mountain Reedbuck.  Compared to the Mountain Reedbuck the colour of the body is more grey/brown with a grey throat and whitish belly. They have long necks, strong legs and muscular hind quarters.  The horns are curved forward and are longer (up to 450mm) than those of the Mountain Reedbuck. Only the males carry horns.

HABITAT: Reedbuck tend to be found on grasslands near marshes or reed beds with open water.

BREEDING: 1 calf is born after gestation period of 7-8months (238 days). Majority of young are born between November and January.

DIET: Reedbuck grazes grass during the cooler times of the day and often at night. During the hottest part of the day will lay in the reed beds or tall grass. They are dependent on water and stay close to open water.

CHARACTERISTICS: Reedbuck form smaller family groups of 4 – 6 animals. The Reedbuck is territorial and the territorial male will defend his territory.  When a young male leaves the group at approximately 3 years, he remains solitary until he is old enough to establish his own territory. A territorial male advertises his territory with certain movements and displays.



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