Hunting Eland in South Africa

The largest antelope in Africa and also a member of the Spiral Horn group.

Eland Characteristics

Scientific Name : Taurotragus oryx
Weight : Up to 900 kg
Shoulder Height : 1,5 – 1,75 m 
Breeding Season : Cape Eland breed all year-round, although most give birth between August-October in Africa
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 7mm
Hunting Eland in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION:  The Cape Eland is South Africa’s largest antelope. The females are smaller in stature and weight than the males. Eland have a brown/grey coat. Males develop a big dewlap from 7/8 years and turn a blue/black colour with a brown/black quiff of hair on the forehead. Both sexes have horns; although those of the females are often longer than the male’s horns.

HABITAT: Very adaptable to terrain, usually found in semi deserts or woodlands and moist mountain grassland.

BREEDING: Cape Eland breed all year-round, although most give birth between August-October in Africa; 1 calf born after 9-months (255 and 265 days) gestation period.

DIET: Mainly browsers, but will also graze. Eat leaves, wild fruits, bulbs and the bark of certain trees. The horns play a useful role in rendering branches accessible.

CHARACTERISTICS: These inoffensive, gregarious, but shy, animals are excellent jumpers. They are nomadic, inhabiting savannas and open plains, light woodlands and grassland. They are independent of water, eland derive their moisture intake from the plants they eat. Old bulls are often solitary.

Normally silent creatures, eland have an acute sense of smell, and good hearing. A characteristic clicking sound can be heard when Eland are on the move.



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