Hunting Gemsbuck in South Africa

Gemsbuck are large antelope, beautiful in appearance with both sexes having long, straight horns

Gemsbuck Characteristics

Scientific Name : Oryx gazelle
Weight : 200 kg
Shoulder Height : 1,2m 
Breeding Season : Year-round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 270
Hunting Gemsbuck in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: Gemsbuck are large antelope, beautiful in appearance with both sexes having long, straight horns. Their face is black with white marks. They have a rough coat with coarse hair, predominantly a light brown/beige colour coat. Both sexes have horns.

HABITAT: Acacia savannas, open grasslands and desert areas. Stony plains, dunes, and mountains. Gemsbuck are nomadic animals, this specie is often found in groups up to 40 Gemsbuck.

BREEDING: Year-round; 1 calf born after gestation of 8.5 months (240-270 days).

DIET: Gemsbuck are grazers and will eat wild melons, cucumbers, bulbs and roots which are dug up using the forefeet. The species travels great distances for water, although it is largely independent of water as seen by the arid nature of the terrain it usually inhabits, which is desert. Gemsbok are fond of mineral licks.

CHARACTERISTICS: This gregarious, sure-footed and extremely swift antelope has very good eyesight. The horns are long and straight. It is an extremely dangerous animal when wounded, the gemsbok has been known to stab lions on its pointed horns. Territorial males are very accepting of other males and often accompany mixed herds. The male mark their territories by horning and scratching the ground and defecating in a squatting position so that the dung lies in a heap to retain the smell longer



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