Hunting Lechwe – Red in South Africa

Lechwe is a grazer, also feeds on aquatic plants. Feeds in water up to 60…

Lechwe – Red Characteristics

Scientific Name : Kobus leche
Weight : Male 100 kg; Female 77 kg
Shoulder Height : 1m 
Breeding Season : Year Round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 270
Hunting Lechwe in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: It is a handsome, chestnut-colored, highly gregarious animal. Medium sized antelope. Chestnut upper parts and darker on the back than on the flanks and legs. White on the underneath, with a white band running up the front of the neck to the jaw, with characteristic dark markings on the front legs. The shoulders are distinctly lower than the rear-end, and body slants forward. The female is smaller than the male and has no horns.

HABITAT: Found on shallow flood plains, along swamps and rivers and well-watered grasslands. Have also adapted well to open Savannah country.

BREEDING: 1 calf is born after gestation period of 7-8 months (215 and 248 days).

DIET: A Lechwe is a grazer, also feeds on aquatic plants. Feeds in water up to 60 cm deep. Prefers flood plains under shallow water.

CHARACTERISTICS: It is not good at running on dry ground. It swims well, has excellent sight but a poor sense of smell. This specie is preyed upon by lion, which ambush these antelope on the small islands and edges of the marshes, as well as by leopard, wild dog and cheetah.



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