Hunting Mountain Reedbuck in South Africa

Mountain Reedbuck form herds of up to 8 animals.

Mountain Reedbuck Characteristics

Scientific Name : Redunca Fulvorufula
Weight : 19-30 kg
Shoulder Height : 70-80cm 
Breeding Season : Throughout the year
Minimum Rifle Calibre : .243
Hunting Mountain Reedbuck in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: Mountain Reedbuck are a medium-sized antelope with black scent spots below the ears. The colour of the body is a greyish colour with a red sheen with a white underbelly.  The horns are ridged, around 15.2 cm long and curve forwards. Only the males carry horns.

HABITAT: As the name implies they are found on rocky mountain slopes and plateau grasslands with scrubs and rocks that are used for cover.

BREEDING: 1 calf is born after gestation period of  8 months (238 days). Majority of young are born between November and January.

DIET: The Mountain Reedbuck grazes and drink early in the morning and late afternoon and rests in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

CHARACTERISTICS: Mountain Reedbuck form herds of up to 8 animals with one male and juveniles and females. The young rams are usually found alone or in small bachelor groups and only join the females to mate.



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