Hunting Red Hartebeest in South Africa

One of the fastest plains game species in Southern Africa

Red Hartebeest Characteristics

Scientific Name : Alcelaphus buselaphus
Weight : 150-159 kg
Shoulder Height : 1.2-1.37m 
Breeding Season : Hartebeest breed all year-round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 308 - 300
Hunting Red Hartebeest In South Africamain

IDENTIFICATION: Glossy reddish-brown. The tail, blaze on the face and the outside of the legs are black. Both sexes have horns. It is a social animal found in large herds.

HABITAT: Found in semi desert savannah, open woodland but avoids dense woodland. Prefers open plains such as grasslands and floodplains. Hartebeest adapt to the mountains and can move with great agility along steep slopes. Independent of water.

BREEDING: Hartebeest breed all year-round, where females may have 3 or 4 young born 9-10months apart. (240 days)

DIET: They are grazers, preferring medium-high grass which they feed on fairly selectively. Competition for good grazing areas is strong. Hartebeest will drink regularly although capable of going for long periods without water.

CHARACTERISTICS: Although fleet of foot, this species are preyed upon by lion, leopard and wild dogs. A popular game-farming specie, it is found over a wide area of South Africa; herds of up to 30 and more have also been found in the Kalahari. One of the fastest plains game species in Southern Africa. In some areas, Hartebeest seem incredibly weary, yet very alert when being hunted.



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