Hunting Steenbuck in South Africa

The Steenbuck forms part of the “Tiny 10” and is one of the most beautiful…

Steenbuck Characteristics

Scientific Name : Raphicerus campestris
Weight : 12-14 kg
Shoulder Height : 50-56 cm 
Breeding Season : Steenbuck breed all year-round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : .223

IDENTIFICATION: Small antelope, slim and elegant with a short head with large ears and long legs. The word “Steen” means brick, as you could well imagine the color of the Steenbuck resembled that of a red building brick, and thereby getting the name Steenbuck.  The general colour as mentioned is a reddish brown with light coloured to white under-parts. The inside of the ears are white with black stripes. There is a black stripe on top of the nose. Females can be slightly bigger than males. Only the males have horns.

HABITAT: Open grass-veld with patches of tall grass or scattered bush for shelter. Can be found in open woodlands with bare patches and areas with fresh grass sprouting after fires. Avoids mountainous areas.

BREEDING: Steenbuck breed all year-round; 1 young is born after gestation period of 5-6 months (165 days).

DIET: Steenbuck are both grazers and browsers. Independent on water

CHARACTERISTICS: The Steenbuck forms part of the “Tiny 10” and is one of the most beautiful of the ten. A hugely underrated trophy, mainly due to its size or the fact that so few people notice them or have the time to study them before they disappear over the horizon. Swift-footed, lies’ waiting until danger is almost upon it before jumping up and running away, it is a very quick little animal.



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