Hunting Vervet Monkey in South Africa

Vervet Monkey live in family troops or small parties.

Vervet Monkey Characteristics

Scientific Name : Cercopithecus aethiops
Weight : Male 7kg, female 5kg
Shoulder Height : 1 – 1,3m (overall length) 
Breeding Season : April and June
Minimum Rifle Calibre : .223
Hunting Monkey in South Africa

HABITAT: All types of wooded habitats except rain forest; moist and arid savannas, dry montane forest and alpine moorlands; primarily woodland-edges species.

BREEDING: 1 Young born after average gestation of 5.5 months (165 days).

DIET: Omnivorous, although principally vegetarian; also eat nesting birds’ eggs, lizards, insects and scorpions. In fact virtually anything edible. Not dependent on water when fruit is available.

These common, gregarious animals live in family troops or small parties. Diurnal, they sleep at night in trees.Not strictly arboreal, they take readily to the ground in search of food and water. Their senses are acute and they are constantly on the alert against predators such as leopard and the crowned eagle.

The call most often heard is chatter and stutter, or a high pitched squeal when in distress. They are often kept as pets when young, which should be avoided as they can become treacherous when older. The social order is always maintained, often aggressively.



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