Hunting Warthog in South Africa

The Warthogs is grey in colour, but can appear reddish/brown due to their constant mud…

Warthog Characteristics

Scientific Name : Phacochoerus aethiopicus
Weight : 68-72 kg
Shoulder Height : 72 cm 
Breeding Season : April and May
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 243
Hunting Warthog in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: The Warthogs is grey in colour, but can appear reddish/brown due to their constant mud bathing activities. Their snout is broader than that of a domestic pig and has long tusks which curl over the snout. Males display very prominent warts on both sides of the head, whereas females don’t have both warts. Tails are always straight up when on the move. Both sexes have tusksThe male has two pairs of warts.

HABITAT: Moist and arid savannas, floodplains, grasslands and marsh areas surrounded by sufficient water. The warthog is fond of wallowing and rubbing its mud-covered body on stumps, rocks and trunks of trees.

BREEDING: Warthog can have litters of 2-4 young which are normally born toward end of dry season, after gestation period of 5-6 months (160-170 days).

DIET: Grass, roots, bulbs and tubers. They will eat fruit, although they favor short grass. They feed by resting on its front knees. Requires water daily.

The warthog is a gregarious, diurnal animal that lives in abandoned aardvark holes. It enters the hole backwards, a protective measure which enables it to make a quick escape. Sight is poor although it has good sent and hearing. When approached a warthog will often advance towards you, running off only when certain what you are. Diurnal and sleeps at night in old Ant Bear holes, always entering backwards.



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