Hunting Duiker – Common in South Africa

The largest of our three duikers

Duiker – Common Characteristics

Scientific Name : Sylvicapra grimmia
Weight : 12-16 kg
Shoulder Height : 60 cm 
Breeding Season : The Common Duiker breeds all year-round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 223
Hunting Duiker in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: The largest of our three duikers. The Common Duiker is brown in colour, with a black stripe on the snout from the forehead to the nose; the tail is white underneath. A black tuft of hair can be found between the ears of the female and the horns of the male. Only the males have small spike like horns.

HABITAT: Most prefer woodland, thickets, shrubs or tall grass on which they feed, and take shelter when in danger and to rest. They tend to avoid more open woodland, short grass-veld and dense mountain or coastal forests.

BREEDING: The Common Duiker breeds all year-round; 1 fawn is born after gestation period which varies from 3 up to 7.5 months (210 days).

DIET: Mainly browsers, the common duiker includes fruits, grass and roots in its diet. This species is fond of feeding in cultivated land.

CHARACTERISTICS:  This is a common species found throughout southern Africa. Mainly nocturnal, although often seen in daylight, this elusive, shy animal keeps to thick bush during the heat of the day. It is found singly or in pairs. Usually waits until the last moment before running away. It runs with its head down, with jumping and swerving movements. The Common Duiker has an acute sense of smell and sight.



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