Hunting Oribi in South Africa

Oribi are usually found in open grass-veld or floodplains.

Oribi Characteristics

Scientific Name : Oribia scoparia
Weight : 14 kg
Shoulder Height : 60 cm 
Breeding Season : Year round
Minimum Rifle Calibre : 223
Hunting Oribi in South Africa

IDENTIFICATION: This gracious little antelope has a long, slender neck and legs. It has oval ears. The coat is light brown with white under parts. The tail of the oribi is black. The Oribi has two large pre-orbital glands which are situated close to the inner corners of the eyes. Only the rams have short, straight horns of 80 -180 mm, which are ringed at the base.

HABITAT: Oribi are found in open grass-veld or floodplains, with or without scattered trees and shrubs. Found areas with short grass and isolated patches of tall grass for shelter.

BREEDING: The birth of their young peaks in rainy season; 1 calf is born after 7 months (210 days) gestation period.

DIET: Primarily a grazer, which occasionally browsing. Although it occurs on flood plains, it is not dependent on free surface water.

CARACTERISTICS: Found in small exclusive groups of a ram with two ewes. These groups are territorial, and actively defend their territories of 25-100ha in size. Territorial rams evict young rams from their family group, whereas young ewes remain longer until they can form their own pair bonds.



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